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Granular Sulphur

Granular Sulphur
Granular Sulphur
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Product Code : 2019
Product Description


Fertilzers, dyes, Sulphuric acid ,Rubber , Sugar , Pharmaceutical , animal feed, Paper & Pulp, Road Construction.


Store in cool, dry, ventilated area to prevent it from being deliquescent. Separate from acids, acidic materials,oxidizing agents.

  • Mass of sulfur(on dry basis), no less                                   99.98%
  • Mass of ash,no more                                                           0.02%
  • Mass of organic substances, no more                                  0.01%
  • Mass of acids in conversation to sulphuric acid, no more     0.0015%
  • Mass of water,no more                                                        0.2%
  • Mechanical Impurities (paper, wood, sand etc.)                   n/a